“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.
Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.”
— John Donne

Contributions made by volunteers are the backbone of MOHIM Inc. We are a group of people who unwaveringly believe in a Creator who fashioned us, sustains and reclaims us. Just as our Creator provides for us daily, we volunteer our services to MOHIM Inc. so we can give to others.  It is His Divine will to ultimately end suffering and to bring hope to all of God’s children who will accept the message of active and eternal love. We recognize there is still so much work on this Earth that needs to be done and we avail ourselves to be used by Him to effectuate His plan.

As MOHIM Inc. volunteers, we realize that this life is simply a sampling.  The death of a loved one, even at an impressive age of 102, demonstrates that regardless of how many years one lives, it never feels as though it was enough to satisfy the individual, or their loved ones. We were created to want more. We were created to live throughout eternity. This is our basic human nature, and it is this undeniable fact that is foundational to our understanding of why we were created and placed on this earth. Indeed, it is one of the most fundamental tenents of our faith. It is the desire of MOHIM Inc. to reach the needs of individuals and organizations in order to prepare the soil of their hearts to meet their more crucial needs. Ultimately, we can only hope that a person will, with their last breaths, feel the true need of their souls, the weight of their eternal destiny, for it is the only need that truly matters in the last hours of life.


There are several ways that you can volunteer to help MOHIM Inc.– through your time (your hourly efforts), your talents (your natural and cultivated gifts), your temple (your blood, tears and sweat), and your treasury, (your financial resources).


What amount of time will you make available to MOHIM Inc.? Can you decide to dedicate an hour a week or four hours a month? Could you use two weeks or a month per year to contribute to Project Give Back, while getting acquainted with a distant land? There is much to be done and all of our combined efforts will determine how much we can accomplish.


What are your talents? What are your gifts? What is it you are naturally good at doing and take pride and joy in sharing? How can your area of expertise contribute to spreading gifts of Hope and other critical needs to others? Can you…

  • Pray
  • Preach
  • Teach (children or adults)
  • Build
  • Provide health care
  • Help with members who are challenged by sight, speech, or hearing
  • Work at one of the MOHIM Inc. centers
  • Work in administration
  • Contribute musically
  • Contribute artistically
  • Cook
  • Chaperone
  • Stuff envelopes
  • Make phone calls, etc…


How would you like to use your body to support the Ministry of MOHIM Inc.? We need volunteers who will use their physical abilities to do a wide variety of activities from serving as a chaperone, doing manual labor in building, or just holding the hand of a hurting or even a dying stranger.


How can you help to support our financial need? Perhaps…

  • Systematically donating
  • Sharing a single one-time donation
  • Assisting in fundraising
  • Planning fundraising
  • Introducing new donors to our Mission
  • Grant writing for special projects

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