To seek, love and equip people with knowledge for this life and the next.
A relevant transformational non-denominational force for creative global ministries.
Our purpose is to serve God by becoming a catalyst for the reconciliation of people to God and each other by meeting the needs of our immediate communities.  As a result, we offer a variety of programs that cater to different segments of our global community.
Education, Training & Coaching

Leadership that maintains the clarity obtained from sharpened focus and understanding will increase institutional accountability and competencies. Secular and religious organizations benefit from the services that MOHIM Inc. provides in executive leadership, mentoring and coaching to target the effort of leaders on critical issues for a greater return on training investment. This is accomplished through individual and group advisory sessions, assessment literature, discipleship training, and discipleship seminars, through the use of the discipleship toolkit.

  • Executive leadership, mentoring & coaching
  • Discipleship training
  • Discipleship seminars
  • Discipleship toolkit
  • Individual/group sessions
  • Material publications
  • Advisory
Social and Humanitarian Outreach

MOHIM Inc. aims to provide workshops, programs, activities, or materials to enrich the lives of people and point them toward a saving faith in God. Simplified messages in the form of educational and promotional materials can quickly provide a critical message of love. MOHIM Inc. posters, cards, journals, refrigerator magnets, bumper stickers and other memorabilia can serve as a quick witness with lasting impact on busy people.

  • Workshops, programs/activities
  • MOHIM Inc. Love – the gospel simplified: educational/promotional memorabilia (posters, cards, journals, fridge magnets, bumper stickers and more)
Community Building

True community demonstrates the beauty that humans can attain. The best of the individual, when shared with and poured into the community, builds others up and adds to a sense of belonging, safety and purpose that we as people all need in our lives. MOHIM Inc. helps communities to build that shared sense of community by meeting the basic needs of the community through MOHIM Inc.’s Whole Life services which share health, nutrition, wellness and fitness principles. This is done in partnership with community businesses such as outdoor gear stores, fitness centers, gyms and trainers. Additionally, MOHIM Inc. provides skills-based and developmental training, as well as professional and developmental mentorship.

  • Climb Kilimanjaro
  • MOHIM Inc. Whole Life – health, nutrition, wellness & fitness (in partnership with community businesses – outdoor gear, fitness centers, gyms and trainers)
  • Skills-based & developmental training
  • Professional / developmental mentorship

Getting together with others who share your goals for fun in order to fulfill a mutual purpose defines the word fellowship. MOHIM Inc. promotes fellowship through services, study groups, counseling/support sessions, and social events that enrich the sense of community and most importantly, your connection with God.

  • Services
  • Study groups
  • Counseling/support sessions
  • Social events

MOHIM Inc. has ministered in over 45 cities across the globe. 

Athens, Greece

Atlanta, USA

Bafoussam, Cameroon

Bahrain, Persian Gulf

Baltimore, USA

Bamenda, West Africa

Birmingham, USA

Bridgetown, Barbados

Brooklyn, USA

Cairo, Egypt

Castries, Saint Lucia

Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Island

Dallas, USA

District of Columbia, USA

Denver, USA

Doha, Qatar

Douala, West Africa

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

El Salvador, Central America

Foumban, Cameroon

Guatemala City, Central America

Honduras, Central America

Huntsville, USA

Jerusalem, Israel

Kabul, Afghanistan

Kingston, Jamaica

Kuwait City, Persian Gulf

Las Vegas, USA

Los Angeles, USA

Limbe, Cameroon

London, England

Macon, USA

Miami, USA

Montreal, Canada

Nashville, USA

Nassau, Bahamas

New York City, USA

Ontario, Canada

Oranjestad, Aruba

Orlando, USA

Philadelphia, USA

Petra, Jordan

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

Seattle, USA

Speightown, Barbados

Teaneck, USA

Tel Aviv, Israel

Wilmington, USA

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Executive Leadership Team

Chairman: Dr. Andrew R. Harewood

Strategic Administration & Global Growth

Executive Vice President: Darla Van Putten-Adams, M.D.

Ministries Development & Partnerships Coordinator

Executive Secretary: Lisa M. Hawkins, MSHCA

Mentoring Development & Strategic Community Oversight

Treasurer: Dr. Jindriska Vesela

Financial Stewardship Administration

Executive Health Director: Lonna P. Gordon, M.D., PharmD

Comprehensive Health Ministries and Lifestyle Change Mentor

Executive Administrative Assistant: Christine Mitchell

Synchronization Coordinator

Public Relations Director: Renee N. Nixon-Simmons, MSW

News, Publications, Media Relations

Senior Legal Consultant: Ruthven Phillip, Esq

Public Policy & Religious Liberty

Board of Advisors

Dr. Andrew R. Harewood
Darla Van Putten-Adams, M.D.
Ms. Wendine J. Austin
Ms. Carol Lynn Liu
Ruthvin Phillips, Esq.
Mr. Ronneil O. Harewood
Dr. Lloyd Mallory Jr.
Pastor Victor O. Harewood
Dr. Jindriska Vesela
Lisa M. Hawkins, MSHCA
Ms. Debbie Estwick
Dr. Curla Walters
Dr. Alvin M. Kibble

Ministry Partners

Brand Director: Debbie Estwick

Brand Management, Design Strategy, Communications

Prayer Ministries Leader: Dr. Hugh Wesley Carrington

Global Prayer Ministries Coordinator

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