MOHIM Inc. Logo

Affirmative teaching & practical preaching



To seek, love and equip people with knowledge for this life and the next.     



A relevant transformational non-denominational force for creative global ministries.



Our purpose is to serve God by becoming a catalyst for the reconciliation of people to God and each other by meeting the needs of our immediate communities.  As a result, we offer a variety of programs that cater to different segments of our global community.

Brand Identity

The MOHIM Inc. logo features a striking combination of black and yellow. The assertive black represents the commitment of MOHIM Inc. to its mission and the strength and reliability of the charity while the color yellow visually communicates the hope and optimism that inspires and fuels the volunteers, impacted individuals, families and communities. 

The wordmark logo is comprised of rounded letterforms, reminiscent of archways and a yellow open door and pathway through the letterforms. Building on spiritual concepts of light, open doors and progressive pathways, the MOHIM Inc. logo visually encapsulates the brand’s purpose to “Declare”, “Defend” and “Deliver”. 

The light, represented by the yellow in the logo, reflects our commitment to “Declare”, enlightening minds with knowledge.

The black arch and yellow door speak to our purpose to “Defend” and empower as we help individuals close figurative doors on negative situations and open new doors to a better life.

The pathway through the “h” represents our objective to “Deliver”, as we support people in discovering new beginnings and future opportunities.


“Many Faces, One Faith"

Our values keep us united despite our differences.




Measuring life exclusively through God’s eyes

Acceptance of people where they are and not where we may want them to be

Faith as our key to embracing the impossible

Evangelism focusing on end-time events

Trust and transparency in presenting God’s truths

Healing for the heart and soul in preparation for Heaven, the ultimate home




Never saying “never” to change

"Yes" to love and "No" to fear

Competence in caring for all

Facing every challenge together

Negotiating real issues in our witness




Affirmative teaching & practical preaching

Spirit-filled and Spirit-led ministries

Offering obedience to God's call to serve

Intentional, unconditional love

Excellence with efficiency and effectiveness

Accountability from all ministry partners