Project Giving-Back


Project Giving Back (PGB) is the heartbeat, passion and essence of MOHIM’s community and global projects. It is an intentional instrument and a strategic platform for individuals from various professions to impact lives, communities and organizations by supplying them with much needed resources, thereby enabling them to achieve their desired goals and objectives. 

This special volunteer program under our “Initiatives” umbrella  is designed to work in collaboration with our global Mission Partners (MPs) by providing strategic leadership, executive capabilities such as team building, decision making, crisis intervention  and  other critical leadership competencies. Emphasis will be placed on organizational development and providing sustainable solutions to individuals, groups and corporations, and any non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in complementary efforts. 

PGB is one of the unique initiatives in the MOHIM portfolio. Ultimately, volunteers will help to provide effective, value-added competencies and management strategies that will assist our Ministry partners achieve their personal and organizational goals.   

PGB is doing and giving our best to make people, communities, organizations and our world better, and you will be the difference maker.


2017-2019 Global Regional Focus

North America

Central & South America

The Caribbean Basin


Middle East

Europe & Trans European Region


Australia & New Zealand